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:: Valery Noll
V-Kids Leader

At vKIDS, we believe that at a young age, every child has the opportunity to begin a life long relationship with Jesus. By partnering with parents to disciple their children, vKIDS is committed to see every child encounter and grow in God each week thru PASSION, CONSECRATION, and INTERCESSION; as well as grow in community as they engage in MISSION. 


Our priority is to provide and cultivate a SAFE and FUN environment for every child to experience and enjoy, while growing in their relationship with Jesus during their time at Venue Church. Our dedicated vKIDS Team love working with kids, and kids love them too.


Interest in joining the vKIDS Team, please CLICK HERE.

At BASE CAMP, your child will be taught essentials in a life long adventure of following Jesus.

6 weeks- 3 years old


3 years to Kindergarten


At TREK, your child will be begin a journey by applying the BASE CAMP essentials in a life long adventure of following Jesus.

1st grade to 5th grade

At SUMMIT, your child will take the essentials from BASE CAMP and the application from TREK, to forge a life long adventure of following Jesus and reaching the world for the Kingdom.

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