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First: Thanks for checking us out. We know that there are many incredible churches in Steamboat and we appreciate you spending time to see what we are about at Venue. We are honored by you and hope that we get to meet you sometime soon.


Second: Below are some simple facts that you may be attempting to find. We realize that you may be simply looking for some basics; so to aid you in not having to read thru every page on our website, here they are:


  • When & Where: We meet in two locations, one is in Hayden and the other is in Steamboat Springs.

    • Sunday's 10AM 2851 Riverside Plaza, Steamboat Springs CO

    • Hayden - Midweek Service Coming Soon

  • What to Wear: Clothes - Shorts. TShirt. Jeans. Hoodie. Dress. Polo. Slacks. Skirt. Ski Pants. Winter Coat...just come as you are.

  • What We Do: Worship. Break Bread (receive communion). Pray. Fellowship. Study the Scriptures.

  • What it Looks Like: We are a NON-Denominational Gospel Centered Spirit Filled Church. Sounds complicated? Its not. What we mean by that is that the Gospel is at the center of everything we do; its the heartbeat of who we are. We are Spirit Filled in that we want, desire, and seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Inwardly and Outwardly. Therefore we want and pray for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to be active in and thru our lives. We want and pray for the Fruit of the Holy Spirit to be in our lives. 

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